What is Forkboy Ink?

It is a small full service graphics business located in northern New Jersey/Pennsylvania. Owned and operated by Tony Donato.

Graduating from High School, with honors in art and a certificate in Commercial Art, I am commited to providing the best product possible to my customers.

Forkboy Ink started as a concept for a graphics and web design company in 1999. Today, it is a reality and striving for complete and total customer satisfaction.

The “Forkboy” comes from a nickname given to me by a group of friends. The “Ink” is from my art background as a cartoonist and graphic artist. Contrary to popular belief, the Ink was not a mistake (mis-spelling Inc.) when I started my company.


We all have those special people in our lives that, in their own way inspire and motivate us to strive a little harder and farther than we would go on our own. My mother and Father where always there to nudge me along when I fell into a rut or didn’t have a clear path or direction. they have my love and respect, always.

My Father was an inspiration for all I tried to do with my art work and life. From the cartoon character I named after him to the humor I could bring him. He is missed and will always be loved and remembered.

Support Staff

I have a loving, supportive wife and two of the best inspirations you could get.

Let’s not forget the other members of our staff – Ounce & Dash (our cats) are the chair warmers, here at Forkboy Ink.